Food Pantry


The Food Pantry was established at Christian Bible Church in the year 2000. We are committed to providing nutritious food to anyone who is in need in the Nashua area. The primary support of this ministry comes from our church families. The main resource for purchasing food is the New Hampshire Food Bank.


Last year we were able to supply twelve meals a month to approximately 6,075 people. This is a total of 72,900 meals. We provided food to 2,700 children and 300 seniors and distributed 36 tons of food overall.


Our food pantry received two awards from the New Hampshire Food Bank in 2006. The first, was the "Agency of the Year Award" in recognition of outstanding service to the community and dedication to ending hunger in New Hampshire. The second was, "Volunteering Leadership Award".


Our food pantry supplies all the fixings for a traditional family meal to approximately 140 families each year. Each meal includes a 12 - 14 pound turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk and dessert. During the Holiday season, the season of giving, our hungry neighbors often struggle to put any food on the table, let alone a special holiday meal. Our pantry works very hard to help provide a very special Thanksgiving dinner. These meals were sponsored by donations from our church families and local establishments. 


Most importantly, this ministry would not exist without prayer. We need your help praying in enough donated food and financial support so we can continue to reach the needs of our city. Secondly, pray for the families that come each month for this food that God would bless them, provide for their needs, and be strengthened both physically and spiritually. Thirdly, pray for our volunteers. They spend countless hours gathering food, unloading food from the van, stocking shelves, preparing boxes, and providing a loving environment for every family that comes for food. 



Our food pantry is always looking for Christian volunteers to pitch in to help in the need of distributing food, stocking shelves, preparing boxes, and praying with our guests. You could help us by conducting a food drive. Small or large donations really matter to us. Every pound of food helps. If you are not sure how to conduct a food drive, our food pantry director would be happy to assist you.



By giving a tax - deductible donation to our food pantry, you will enable us to buy a variety of food from the food bank. This will help us to sustain the amount of food we distribute to the growing number of families that are in need.