Christian Bible Church Academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) Curriculum. The A.C.E. individualized curriculum has been carefully compiled to introduce children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate age levels. Experienced teachers and editors have meticulously chosen vocabulary that spirals from simple to complex, from concrete to abstract. New concepts are presented five to seven times to assure mastery. 

Diagnostic placement testing ensures that students begin at the exact point of their academic needs. Diagnostic testing determines if there are any "learning gaps." Students can simply fill in the "learning gaps" without the stigma of "failing" a grade or falling behind.

Character traits, like kindness, loyalty, and honesty, are taught within the curriculum, whether it is Math, English, History, or whatever course the student takes. Students observe character development in the cartoon strips and then apply the character lesson to their own lives.

This unique combination of academics and methodology, based on physiological development patterns and Biblical principles, sets the A.C.E. curriculum apart from all other curricula. It provides mastery learning, critical analysis, conceptualization, cognitive reasoning, and life from God's perspective. These distinctives make Accelerated Christian Education one of the most advanced educational packages available.

You will find the proven, highly successful Accelerated Christian Education program to major on these distinctives:

  • Places child at exact academic ability by diagnostic testing.
  • Incorporates goal setting, character building, and wisdom principles.
  • Utilizes multimedia and computer technology.
  • Encourages parental involvement.
  • Stresses uniqueness of the individual.
  • Teaches critical thinking skills.
  • Offers a superb education that is affordable.
  • Produces academic excellence.
  • Provides complete grades 1-12 self-instructional curriculum.